Daily Practice Problems
Class 9 Social Science
Constitutional Design
daily practice problem

Question 1.

What is apartheid system?


Question 2.

________ was the umbrella organisation that led the struggle against the policies of segregation.


Question 3.

When was the national flag of the Republic of South Africa unfurled to mark the newly democracy in the world? 


Question 4.

Define Constitution of a country.


Question 5.

State any three functions of the constitution of a country.


Question 6.

The drafting of the constitution was done by an assembly of elected representatives called the _________.


Question 7.

The assembly adopted the constitution on _________.


Question 8.

Why there was a necessity for constitution in South Africa.


Question 9.

How South Africans struggle against the apartheid?


Question 10.

State any three features of South African constitution.