Daily Practice Problems
Class 8 Science
Stars and the Solar System
daily practice problem

Question 1.

What are the celestial objects?


Question 2.

What is astronomy?


Question 3.

What are the phases of the moon?


Question 4.

How do the phases of the moon impact our social life in India?


Question 5.

What is a light year?


Question 6.

What do you understand by a constellation?


Question 7.

Ursa Major is also known as;

(a) Big dipper

(b) The great bear

(c) Saptarshi

(d) All of the above


Question 8.

What is Orion?


Question 9.

How the solar system forms?


Question 10.

Name the eight planets of our solar system and their order of distance from the Sun.


Question 11.

How sun is important for us?


Question 12.

What is an orbit?


Question 13.

What is the period of rotation of a planet?


Question 14.

Define satellite.


Question 15.

What are artificial satellites?


Question 16.

What are meteors?


Question 17.

What is a meteorite?


Question 18.

What do you understand by meteor showers?


Question 19.

________ is the natural satellite of the Earth.

(a) Venus

(b) Saturn

(c) Sun

(d) Moon


Question 20.

Why pole star appears to be stationary from the Earth?