Daily Practice Problems
Class 8 Science
daily practice problem

Question 1.

Light is reflected from ___________ surfaces.

(a) solid

(b) liquid

(c) metallic

(d) all


Question 2.

How do you define regular reflection?


Question 3.

What is irregular reflection?


Question 4.

What are the laws of reflection?


Question 5.

How many colours the sunlight can consists of?


Question 6.

Give the main parts of an eye.


Question 7.

Give two great names of visually impaired persons.


Question 8.

What is kaleidoscope?


Question 9.

Give two important factors in which visually impaired persons can depend on for their survival in society.


Question 10.

Describe Braille system.


Question 11.

Lack of vitamin ______ in foodstuff is responsible for many eye troubles.

(a) A

(b) B

(c) C

(d) D


Question 12.

What are the diet components having vitamin A in them?


Question 13.

How should a person can care of his eyes?


Question 14.

What are luminous objects? Give two examples.


Question 15.

What do you understand by lateral inversion?


Question 16.

Define the concept of dispersion.


Question 17.

In our eye, behind the cornea, we find a dark muscular structure called ________.

(a) pupil

(b) retina

(c) iris

(d) lens


Question 18.

What is the blind spot?


Question 19.

The most comfortable distance at which one can read with a normal eye is about __________ cm.

(a) 25

(b) 78

(c) 96

(d) 15


Question 20.

When people are said to have cataract?