Daily Practice Problems
Class 8 Science
Force and Pressure
daily practice problem

Question 1.

Give any two daily life examples of force.

Question 2.

Define force.

Question 3.

What is needed for act of a force between two different objects?

Question 4.

If the forces act in the opposite directions on an object, the net force acting on it

(a) difference between the two forces.

(b) sum of the two forces.

(c) ratio of the two forces.

(d) none of the above.

Question 5.

How can force be applied on an object can change its speed?

Question 6.

Describe state of motion of an object.

Question 7.

What are the factors that can be changed by a force applied on an object?

Question 8.

What do you understand by muscular force?

Question 9.

Why muscular force is also known as contact force?

Question 10.

Define force of friction.

Question 11.

What is electrostatic force?

Question 12.

What do you understand by gravitational force?

Question 13.

How pressure and force are related to each other?

Question 14.

What is atmospheric pressure?

Question 15.

Is force a scalar or a vector quantity?

Question 16.

What do you mean by non-contact force?

Question 17.

_______ and _______ exert pressure on the walls of their containers.

Question 18.

Give two examples of gravitational force.

Question 19.

Give two examples of muscular force.

Question 20.

If given force for 15 m2 of area is 60 N. Calculate the pressure in this case.