Daily Practice Problems
Class 8 Science
Crop Production and Management
daily practice problem

Question 1:

What is crop?


Question 2:

Differentiate between Kharif and Rabi crops.


Question 3:

Why can paddy not be grown in the winter season?


Question 4:

Why does the loosening of soil allow the roots to breathe easily?


Question 5:

Why we need to turn and loosen the soil?


Question 6:

Can we add manures to the soil before tilling?


Question 7:

How will you separate damaged from the healthy seeds?


Question 8:

Why are manures considered better than fertilizers?


Question 9:

How Rhizobium bacteria are helpful to plants?


Question 10:

How fertilizers are harming us?


Question 11:

Which modern method of irrigation very helpful in water scarcity regions?


Question 12:

What is weeding? Why it is necessary in soil preparation?


Question 13:

Do weedicides have any effect on the person handling the weedicide sprayer?


Question 14:

What do you understand by the term ‘agricultural practices’? Name some important agricultural practices.


Question 15:

Why it is important to sow seeds at a certain depth?


Question 16:

Why seed drill is better option to sow seeds as compared to broadcasting?


Question 17:

Why we should avoid over irrigating the fields?


Question 18:

Why farmers cannot grow same crop in a field throughout the year?


Question 19:

Why there is more need to irrigate the fields during summers than in winters?


Question 20:

Why tilling is important?