Daily Practice Problems
Class 8 Science
Combustion and Flame
daily practice problem

Question 1.

What is combustion?


Question 2.

Name some substances that undergoes combustion to give off heat and light.


Question 3.

Name the types of combustion.


Question 4.

What is rapid combustion?


Question 5.

What is combustion?


Question 6.

How can we say that ignition temperature of kerosene is lower than wood?


Question 7.

What is the composition of the head of the matchstick?


Question 8.

White phosphorus is hazardous and hence it has been replaced with red phosphorus. What is the mechanism of igniting a matchstick?


Question 9.

Make two paper cups by folding a sheet of paper. Pour about 50 mL of water in one of the cups. Heat both the cups separately with a candle. Now if we continue heating the cup, we can even boil water in the paper cup. Can you explain the reason?


Question 10.

What is spontaneous combustion?


Question 11.

What is explosion?


Question 12.

Define fuel.


Question 13.

Give examples of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.


Question 14.

What are the characteristics of an ideal fuel?


Question 15.

Is there any ideal fuel in reality?

Question 16.

Define calorific value of fuel.


Question 17.

What is the unit to measure calorific value of fuel?


Question 18.

What is approximated calorific value of cow dung?


Question 19.

Define ignition temperature.


Question 20.

What are inflammable substances?