Daily Practice Problems
Class 7 Maths
Fractions and Decimals
daily practice problem

Question 1:

Choose the correct answer:


(a) Like fractions

(b) Irreducible fractions

(c) Equivalent fractions

(d) None of these


2. 36 ÷  =?

(a) 9



(d) 144


Question 2:

Express 8 cm in metre and Kilometre.


Question 3:

By how much should 32.67 be increased to get 60.1?


Question 4:

A tin contains 18 Kg ghee. After consuming  of it, how much ghee left in the tin?


Question 5:

Diameter of Earth is 12756000 m. In 1996, a new planet was discovered whose diameter is   of the diameter of Earth. Find the diameter of this planet in km.


Question 6:

Simplify:     63.7 – 28.89 + 76.4 -37.66


Question 7:

A floor is 4.5 m long and 3.6 m wide. A 6 cm square tile costs ₹ 23.25. What will be the cost to cover the floor with these tiles?


Question 8:

Seema and Khushi want to make dresses for their dolls. Seema has  m of cloth, and she gave  of it to Khushi. How much did Khushi have?


Question 9:


Question 10:

The time taken by Rohan in five different races to run a distance of 500 m was 3.20 minutes, 3.37 minutes, 3.29 minutes, 3.17 minutes and 3.32 minutes. Find the average time taken by him in the races?


Question 11:

Find the product:

(i) 67.24 X 10

(ii) 4.956 X 100

(iii) 2.3748 X 1000


Question 12:


Question 13:

Arrange the following fractions in ascending order:


Question 14:

A bus can cover 62.5 km in one hour. How much distance can it cover in 18 hours?


Question 15:

Describe two methods to compare  and 0.86. Which do you think is easier and why?


Question 16:

Reemu read the  th pages of a book. If she reads further 40 pages, she would have read th pages of the book. How many pages are left to be read?


Question 17:

A cost of pen is Rs.   and that of a pencil is Rs.  . Which costs more and by how much?


Question 18:

Subtract 47.56 from 83.2.


Question 19:

Express in Kg using decimals:

(a) 60 g

(b) 6 Kg 8 g


Question 20:

Convert  into irreducible form.