Daily Practice Problems
Class 6 Social Science
What Books and Burials tells us
daily practice problem

Question 1:

Write short notes on ‘Vedas’.


Question 2:

How did historians study the Rigveda?


Question 3:

Mention some languages and their origin.


Question 4:

Give some points about reason of war and its rituals.


Question 5:

Explain the titles used to call people during Rigvedic period.


Question 6:

Define the term ‘Dasas’ or ‘Dasyus’ used during Rigvedic period.


Question 7:

What is the relation between Burial sites and Megaliths of Rigvedic period?


Question 8:

True or False.

(a) Iron was used in the Harappan cities.

(b) Inamgaon is a burial site on the river Ghod.

(c) We can identify that whether a skeletal is of a boy or girl.


(d) The book Chakra Samhita is based on medicine.


Question 9:

Fill in the blanks.

(a) We found first evidence of writing in __________.

(b) Beginning of composition of the Vedas was about __________.

(c) The hymns were composed by __________.

(d) First Veda composed is __________.


Question 10:

Multiple choice questions.

(A) The language of Rigveda-

(a) Sanskrit

(b) Vedic Sanskrit

(c) Prakrit

(d) none


(B) The word ‘mother’ in English is known in Sanskrit as-

(a) Matr

(b) Matri

(c) Matrey

(d) none


(C) Malyalam language is belong to the family of-

(a) Dravidian

(b) Mesopotamian

(c) Indo-tibetian

(d) none


(D) The river Ganga is mentioned in Rigveda.

(a) Once

(b) Twice

(c) Thrice

(d) none