Daily Practice Problems
Class 6 Social Science
daily practice problem

Question 1:

What do you understand by Map?


Question 2:

Explain the type of Maps.


Question 3:

Define convention symbols of the Map.


Question 4:

What are the advantages of sketch map?


Question 5:

State some points about Plan in terms of Geography.


Question 6:

Differentiate between ‘Small scale’ and ‘Large scale’ map.


Question 7:

Describe how can we find the direction on Map.


Question 8:

Write few points about Compass.


Question 9:

Multiple choice question:

(A) How many components of map-

(a) only 2

(b) only 3

(c) only 4

(d) none


(B) Political maps can show-

(a) towns

(b) states

(c) countries

(d) all of them


(C) A person starts walking in south direction and turn 45o left. Now, the person in the -

(a) south-east direction

(b) south-west direction

(c) north direction

(d) same direction


(D) Conventional symbol for police station is-

(a) PN

(b) PT

(c) PS



Question 10:

State true and false:

(a) Generally, blue is used for showing water bodies, brown for mountain.

(b) There are total four cardinal points.

(c) Green colour is used to show plains on the map.

(d) Thematic maps focus on specific information like rainfall, forests etc.