Daily Practice Problems
Class 6 Science
Components of Food
daily practice problem

Question 1.

What are nutrients?


Question 2.

Name the major nutrients present in food.


Question 3.

The main carbohydrates found in our food are in the form of _______ and _______.


Question 4.

When dilute iodine solution is added to a food item, it turns blue black. What does that indicate?


Question 5.

Take a small quantity of food item in a test and then add 10 drops of water to it and shake it well. Then add two drops of solution of copper sulphate and ten drops of solution of caustic soda to it. Shake well and let the test tube stand for a few minutes.  You will soon observe a violate color. This indicates the presence of which of the following nutrient?

a. Carbohydrate

b. Protein

c. Fats

d. Starch


Question 6.

How do test if the given food item has fats?


Question 7.

_______ and ________ provides energy to our body.


Question 8.

State whether the given statement is true or false.

Carbohydrates give us more energy than fats.


Question 9.

Which of the following is called body building food?

a. Protein

b. Fats

c. Carbohydrates

d. Both b and c


Question 10.

Name some sources of protein.


Question 11.

Which of the following statements is wrong about vitamins?

a. Vitamins help in protecting our body against diseases.

b. Vitamins are called the body building food.

c. Vitamins also help in keeping our eyes, bones, teeth and gums healthy.

d. Vitamin A keeps our skin and eyes healthy.


Question 12.

Vitamin ______ keeps our skin and eyes healthy.


Question 13.

Which of the following helps our body to use calcium for bones and teeth?

a. Vitamin A

b. Vitamin B

c. Vitamin C

d. Vitamin D


Question 14.

Name some sources of Vitamin B.


Question 15.

Name the sources of Vitamin D


Question 16.

Name some sources of Vitamin C. Also state why Vitamin C is important for the body?


Question 17.

Rice has more ________ than other nutrients


Question 18.

Which if the nutrient is also called roughage and why should we include them in our diet?


Question 19.

Name the diseases caused by the deficiency of the following vitamins.

a. Vitamin A

b. Vitamin C

c. Vitamin D

d. Iodine


Question 20.

Diseases that occur due to lack of nutrients over a long period are called _______.