Daily Practice Problems
Class 6 Science
Air Around us
daily practice problem

Question 1.

What is atmosphere?


Question 2.

As we move higher in the atmosphere, the air gets ________.


Question 3.

What is air made up of?


Question 4.

Why tiny bubbles appear on the inner surface of the container when we boil water in it?


Question 5.

Take a lump of dry soil in a beaker or a glass. Add water to it and you will see bubbles coming out from soil. Why is it so?


Question 6.

How do the organisms that live inside the soil get air?


Question 7.

Give an instance to show the interdependence of plants and animals.


Question 8.

What are uses of air?


Question 9.

Write two uses of windmill.


Question 10.

How do aquatic animals respire?


Question 11.

What are the properties of air?


Question 12.

The mountaineers carry oxygen cylinder with them while climbing high mountains. Why?


Question 13.

What will happen if the amount of oxygen is increased in the air?


Question 14.

Which component of air supports burning?


Question 15.

Why do we feel suffocated in a closed room if something is becoming there?


Question 16.

What is the role of long chimneys in factories?


Question 17.

How does our nose prevent the dust particles from getting into the respiratory system?


Question 18.

Which two gases together make up 99% of the air?


Question 19.

Why earthworms come out of the soil, only during heavy rains?


Question 20.

Why do we say plants produce oxygen?