Daily Practice Problems
Class 6 Maths
daily practice problem

Question 1:

The perimeter of a square is 64 cm. Find the length of each side.

Question 2:

Which of the following figure has greater perimeter?

Question 3:

How many trees can be planted at a distance of 6 metres each around a rectangular plot whose length is 120 m and breadth is 90 m?

Question 4:

Find the area of the figures A, B, C and D drawn on a squared paper in the following figure by counting squares.

Question 5:

By counting squares, estimate the area of the figure:

Question 6:

A farmer has a rectangular field of length and breadth 240 m and 180 m respectively. He wants to fence it with 3 rounds of rope as shown in figure. What is the total length of rope he must use?

Question 7:

Find the perimeter of the following figures: (a) (b) So, how will you

Question 8:

Fencing the compound of a house costs ₹5452. If the rate is ₹94 per metre, find the perimeter of the compound. If the breadth is 10 m, find its length.

Question 9:

Match the following:

Question 10:

Find the perimeter of each of the following shapes:

(a) A triangle of sides 12 cm, 5 cm and 13 cm.

(b) An equilateral triangle of side 8 cm.

(c) An isosceles triangle with equal sides 4 cm each and third side 3 cm.

(d) An square of side 10 cm.

Question 11:

State True or False:

(a) For tiling a rectangular Plot, we must calculate its area.

(b) Length and breadth of a Rectangle are 1.5m and 1m. Area is 1.5m2.

(c)The Perimeter of a square is 4 times the length of the side.

(d)To find the length of fencing the square playground we must find its Perimeter.

Question 12:

Bob wants to cover the floor of a room 3 m wide and 4 m long by squared tiles. If each square tile is of side 0.5 m, then find the number of tiles required to cover the floor of the room.

Question 13:

A rectangular piece of land measures 0.7 km by 0.5 km. Each side is to be fenced with 4 rows of wires. What is the length of the wire needed?

Question 14:

By splitting the figure into rectangles, find its area.

Question 15:

Solve the following:

(a) Two sides of a triangle are 12 cm and 14 cm. The perimeter of the triangle is 36 cm. What is its third side?

(b) The perimeter of square is 40 cm, what is the side length?

Question 16:

The area of a rectangular piece of cardboard is 48 sq cm and its length is 12 cm. What is the width of the cardboard?

Question 17:

How much distance will you have to travel in going around each of the following figures?

Question 18:

Find the area of the following figure:

Question 19:

The side of a square is 70 cm. Find its area and perimeter.

Question 20:

The perimeter of a regular pentagon is 150 cm. How long is each side?