Daily Practice Problems
Class 12 Chemistry
daily practice problem

Question 1:

pKb value for aniline is more than that for methylamine. Why?


Question 2:

Give relevant chemical equation in each case:

(i) Carbylamine reaction

(ii) Hofmann’s bromamide reaction


Question 3:

Give reason: Ethylamine is soluble in water whereas aniline is not soluble in water.


Question 4:

 Complete the following reactions:

(i) C6H5N2Cl + H3PO2 + H2O →


Question 5:

Give the chemical test to distinguish between Ethylamine & Aniline.


Question 6:

Nitro compounds have higher boiling points than the hydrocarbons having almost the same molecular mass.


Question 7:

Identify A and B in following reaction:




Question 8:

Write the IUPAC name of the given compound:



Question 9:

Give the addition reactions of Iso-cyanides with

(i) Cl2

(ii) S

(iii) O3

(iv) HgO


Question 10:

Give the chemical test to distinguish between Benzylamine & Aniline.


Question 11:

Give general reaction of Gabriel phthalimide synthesis.


Question 12:

Primary amines have higher boiling points than tertiary amines.


Question 13:

Give the reaction of Hinsberg’s reagent with secondary amines.


Question 14:

Aniline does not undergo Friedel – Crafts reaction. Why?


Question 15:

Give the reaction for preparation of Cyanides from

i) Amides

ii) Aldoximes

iii) Grignard reagent


Question 16:

Give Tharpe reaction.


Question 17:

Give the chemical reaction for preparation of Acetamide from Acetic acid.


Question 18:

What do we get on reduction of amides with LiAlH4?


Question 19:

What is Benzoylation reaction? Give an example.


Question 20:

Give the reaction for preparation of p-Aminoazobenzene from Aniline?