Daily Practice Problems
Class 11 Physics
Thermal Properties of Matter
daily practice problem

Question 1.

What do you understand by “heat energy”? Give its unit.


Question 2.

Give the temperature relation in between two scales i.e., Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.


Question 3.

What is ideal - gas equation?


Question 4.

What do you understand by “thermal expansion”? How do you differentiate the three types of thermal expansions?


Question 5.

What is linear expansion? Give expression for coefficient of linear expansion.


Question 6.

A blacksmith fixes iron ring on the rim of the wooden wheel of a horse cart. The diameter of the rim and the iron ring are 4.342 m and 4.212 m, respectively at 20 °C. To what temperature should the ring be heated so as to fit the rim of the wheel?


Question 7.

How do you define the “heat capacity of a substance”?


Question 8.

What is the specific heat capacity of a substance?


Question 9.

Define molar specific heat capacity.


Question 10.

What is volume expansion? Give expression for coefficient of volume expansion.


Question 11.

What is a calorimeter?


Question 12.


  1. Melting point of a substance.
  2. Boiling point of substance.
  3. Vaporisation.
  4. Sublimation.


Question 13.

What is latent heat for a substance?


Question 14.

For ideal gases, at constant pressure, give expression for volume expansion.


Question 15.

When 0.20 kg of ice at 0 °C is mixed with 0.50 kg of water at 40°C in a container, the resulting temperature is 5.6 °C. Calculate the heat of fusion of ice. (swater = 4186 J-kg–1 K–1)


Question 16.

What is Stefan – Boltzmann law?


Question 17.

What do you understand by “Greenhouse Effect”?


Question 18.

A utensil filled with hot food cools from 96 °C to 84 °C in 4 minutes when the room temperature is at 20 °C. How long will it take to cool from 65 °C to 63 °C?


Question 19.

What does Newton’s law of cooling say?


Question 20.

A body cools from 90 °C to 45 °C in 3 minutes. Calculate the time it takes to cool from 75 °C to 30 °C. The temperature of the surroundings is 20 °C.