Daily Practice Problems
Class 11 Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
daily practice problem

Question 1:

What are viable and non-viable particulates?


Question 2:

What is acid rain? What are its harmful effects?


Question 3:

What are different sources of soil-pollution?


Question 4:

What is the role of CO2 in the greenhouse effect?


Question 5:

What is BOD?


Question 6:

Why is COD preferred over BOD?


Question 7:

What is siltation?


Question 8:

What are main sources of thermal pollution?


Question 9:

Why there is ozone depletion mainly over Antarctica?


Question 10:

Which gases are major air pollutants?


Question 11:

In which season the depletion of ozone on Antarctica takes place and when it is replenished?


Question 12:

Give three examples in which green chemistry has been applied?


Question 13:

Why is acid rain considered as threat to Taj Mahal?


Question 14:

What is Chlorosis?


Question 15:

What is anoxia or asphyxiation?


Question 16:

Explain giving reasons. ‘The presence of CO reduces amount of haemoglobin available in the blood for carrying oxygen to the body cells’.


Question 17:

Oxygen plays a key role in troposphere while ozone in stratosphere. Explain.


Question 18:

Why does rain water have a pH of about 5 – 6?


Question 19:

What are secondary pollutants? Give two examples.


Question 20:

What is humification?