Daily Practice Problems
Class 10 Social Science
The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
daily practice problem

Question 1.

Define absolutist.


Question 2.

What was Sorrieu’s utopian vision?


Question 3.

What is difference between modern state and a nation state?


Question 4.

What is the idea of la patrie and le citoyen?


Question 5.

Define Napoleonic code.


Question 6.

What were the alterations done by Napoleon in Dutch republic, in Italy, in Switzerland and in Germany?


Question 7.

Define conservatism.


Question 8.

Who was called the most dangerous enemy of our social order by Metternich?


Question 9.

When was Frankfurt parliament convened in the church of St. Paul’s?


Question 10.

Napoleonic war began in _________ when Napoleon invaded Italy.