Daily Practice Problems
Class 10 Social Science
The Age of Industrialisation
daily practice problem

Question 1.

_______ industry followed the cotton industry in England.


Question 2.

_______ is the machine that speeded up the spinning process and reduced the demand for labour.


Question 3.

In 17th and 18th century, why merchants started moving from Europe to countryside?


Question 4.

What was the reason for a development of close relationship between the town and countryside during the proto-industrialization system?


Question 5.

Why proto-industrialization was successful in the countryside in England in 17th Century?


Question 6.

What were the main functions of jobbers?


Question 7.

How 1840 opened up greater employment opportunities?


Question 8.

_______ were the paid servants to supervise the weavers, collect supplies, and examine the quality of cloth.


Question 9.

What led to the clashes between the gomasthas and the weavers?


Question 10.

What were the two problems faced by the cotton weavers in India?