Daily Practice Problems
Class 10 Social Science
Print Culture and the Modern World
daily practice problem

Question 1.

What is the significance of print revolution?


Question 2.

How Gutenberg perfected the printing system?


Question 3.

Discuss the pros of printing press.


Question 4.

What was the challenge of popularising book reading among the public? How did the printing press overcome this challenge?


Question 5.

What was the challenge faced by the printed books?


Question 6.

What led to the beginning of the protestant reformation?


Question 7.

Why did the Roman Church impose severe control over the publishers and the booksellers?


Question 8.

What steps were taken to target new audience and popularize reading?


Question 9.

When was children’s press set up in France and what did they publish?


Question 10.

Which factor led to the rise in the demand for new technology in print despite the woodblock print?