Daily Practice Problems
Class 10 Social Science
Gender, Religion and Caste
daily practice problem

Question 1.

A man or a woman who believes in equal opportunities and rights for men and women is called a __________. 

Question 2.

Which countries have a high participation of women in public life?

Question 3.  

Define patriarchy. 

Question 4.

_________ states that equal wages should be given for equal work.

Question 5.

What is sexual division of labor?

Question 6.

Define secularism.

Question 7.

State the provisions in the Indian constitution that makes it a secular state.

Question 8.

What is the most common expression of communalism? 

Question 9.

Write about political mobilization on religious lines.

Question 10.

How the makers of our constitution made sure that communalism does not impose any challenge to India?