Daily Practice Problems
Class 10 Social Science
Democracy and Diversity
daily practice problem

Question 1.

The black-gloved and raised clenched fists were meant to symbolize ________.  


Question 2.

_________ event in the USA is referred to as the black power movement (1966-73).


Question 3.

_______ is the leader of the civil rights movement in the USA. 


Question 4.

What was civil rights movement in USA?


Question 5.

State the three factors that determine the outcome of the politics of social division.


Question 6.  

State why political expression of social division can be healthy in democracy.


Question 7.

Name the countries who have faced or facing the challenges of social division. Also state the cause of the social division.


Question 8.

How overlapping of social differences with other differences lead to social division?


Question 9.

State which type of social difference is dangerous and why?


Question 10.

How can social division affect politics?