Daily Practice Problems
Class 10 Social Science
daily practice problem

Question 1.

What is commercial farming?


Question 2.

Name the cropping seasons of India.


Question 3.

What are the major crops grown in India? Give climatic conditions for them too.


Question 4.

What are the geographical conditions for production of sugarcane?


Question 5.

Give different conditions for production of tea.


Question 6.

Which areas in India are famous for cultivation of coffee?


Question 7.

Where India stands in the world in the field of production of horticulture crops?


Question 8.

Give description about some fibre crops of India.


Question 9.

What is the objective of India’s food security policy?


Question 10.

What are the technological and institutional reforms related to Indian Agriculture?


Question 11.

Give the name of the major rice and wheat-producing states of India. Show it with the help of map.